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Meaning TIGBF80-65-160
T Code of enterprise
I Standardlized chemical centrifugal pump
G high-temperature type
B Heating type
F Fluoroplastic
80 The inlet dia is 80mm
65 The out let dia is 65mm
160 Nominal dia of impeller is 160mm

一、Product Introduction: 

Product overview:
TIB(G)F fluorine lined heating(high-temperature)pump is in accordance with the national standard design of new technology products and combined with TIF pump technology design and manufacture. Pump body and cover design of the double-layer insulation (cooling) device, the use of steam (water, liquid nitrogen) of the medium in the pump body heat (cooling), to ensure that the medium in the conveying process not condensation, crystallization, vaporization, the pump has high temperature resistance, heat preservation, energy efficient new industrial pumps, performance reached the international standard, instead of expensive imported fluorine pump.
1. TIB(G)F fluorine lined heating(high-temperature)pump is a new type industrial pump , which is designed voluntarily by ourselves according to international standards of IS02858/DIN24256. Its technical index and performance has already reached domestic and international advanced level of similar products.
2.1. The whole pump body be sintered and pressed of cast-iron with fluorine lining(PTFE, FEP, PEA). The flowing-passed components like pump body, impeller, pump cover are entirely pressed and sintered of fluoroplastic (PTFE, FEP, PFA) covering metal insert.
2.1.The pump body and cover of magnetic high-temperature pump have two-ply cooling equipment (No cooling equipment in air-cooled pump), be allowed use water or nitrogen to cool medium in high-temperature pump, ensures medium keep cool in pump body。
2.2 The pump body and cover of magnetic heat pump have two-ply heat equipment, be allowed use steam to heat medium in heat pump, ensures medium won’t condense, crystallize or gasify during delivering.
3.The shaft seal is sealed mechanically by advanced external bellow, can be adjusted without dismounting; the optional grinding sealing surface: silicon carbide, PLSC, ceramic, PTFE, cemented carbide, etc, to make sure satisfy the demand of delivering all kinds of medium and the working life of mechanical seal.
4.No need of independent lubrication and cooling water, reducing energy consumption.Horizontal mount, compact structure, low voice, small vibration, small occupation and stable operation.
Widely applied to many fields or processes like petroleum, chemical, acid, alkali, rare earth, smelting, pesticides, dyes, medicine, paper making, electroplate, electrolysis, acid pickling, radio, formed foil, research organizations and national defense, etc. Particularly be applicable to delivery medium of flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, strong acid and alkali, organic solvents and other expensive liquids, etc.
Performance range:design pressure:1.6Mpa、flow:2-1400m3/h、head:20-125m、power:0.55-400kw;
Applicable temperature:water cooling:-30~180℃
NOTES: Please indicate during ordering if the proportion of medium is largger than 1.3mg/cm3. No idling running. No delivering medium with particles or crystalline.

二、Structure drawing:

Part Material Part Material Part Material
1.pump body Ht200/ lined F46 8.bracket HT200 15.gland of back bearing HT200
2.impeller fluoroplastic alloy 9.gland of front bearing HT200 16.Pump coupling 45#
3.gasket fluorubber 10.front bearing 304 17.diaphragm 304
4.pump cover HT200/lined F46 11.bearing box HT200 18.electric coupling 45#
5.static ring SSIC/hard alloy 12.shaft 304/316/316L 19.shield 304
6.seal gland 304/316/316L 13.pull rod 45# 20.motor per client request
7.dynamic ring SSIC/hard alloy 14.back bearing 304 21.base plate HT200


三、Performance Curve:


四、Performance data sheet:

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