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Meaning TICB(G)F80-65-160
T Code of enterprise
I Internatioanl standard centrifugal pump
C Magnetic driven
G High-temperature
F Fluoroplastic
80 The inlet dia is 80mm
65 The outlet dia is 65mm
160 Nominal dia of impeller is 160mm

一、Product Introduction:

TICGF no leakage fluorine lined high-temperature magnetic pump is the application of modern magnetic mechanics principle, a new type of pump contact without the use of magnetic drive torque of the permanent magnet, which is driven by the motor outer rotor (i.e. outer magnet) assembly rotates through the magnetic field through the magnetic effect the isolation sleeve drives the inner rotor (i.e. the magnet assembly) and the impeller rotate synchronously, overflow part is made of fluorine plastic manufacturing, can transport any concentrated (strong) acid, alkali, oxidants and other corrosive media of the isolation sleeve made of special material used in mechanical properties with high strength, eliminate magnetic eddy current the existence of magnetic pump, the medium enclosed in static Isolation Kit, so as to achieve the purpose of pumping medium without leakage, completely solve the seal mechanical pump leakage, and the design of the whole sealing, no leakage Leakage, no pollution, acid resistant, high efficiency and energy saving of new acid resistant pump without leakage, performance reached the international standard, instead of expensive stainless steel, special alloy materials, imported chemical pump.
1.TICGF no leakage fluorine lined magnetic high-temperature pump is a new type industrial pump of full sealing, no leakage, no pollution and strong anti-acid, which is designed voluntarily by ourselves.
2.The whole pump body be sintered and pressed of cast-iron with fluorine lining (PTFE, FEP, PEA). The flowing-passed components like pump body, impeller, pump cover are entirely pressed and sintered of fluoroplastic (PTFE, FEP, PFA) covering metal insert.
3. Pump shaft is made of Cr13 wraped with fluorine plastic.
4.Fluoroplastic (PTFE, FEP and PFA) is the most superior anti-corrosive materials in the nowadays world, be free from corrosive medium of any concentration of acid, lye, oxidants, etc.
5.New type permanent magnet with good magnetism, high temperature resistant and no demagnetization is selected.
6.Shaft sleeve, rolling bearings be made of SSIC material with good characteristic of superior wear resistance and high temperature resistance, lubrication groove setting, which guarantee the pump’s working life.
7.Enclosed static seal completely solves the problem of dielectric leakage.
8.No need of independent lubrication and cooling water, reducing energy consumption.
9.Direct coupling pull back design, No need to dismount pipe, easier maintenance.
10.Horizontal mount, compact structure, low voice, small vibration, small occupation and stable operation.
11.No contact and no friction, change coupling transmission to synchronic pulling. Power consumption of small, high efficiency, and has a damping effect, reducing vibration on the pump motor and pump in the effects of cavitations vibration when the impact of the motor.

·Single stage, lined with fluoroplastic, magnetic driven centrifugal pump
·Size and performance data accord with standards of EN22858/ISO2858/ISO5199。
·Direct coupling design for TCGF
·Coupling design for TICGF
·Direct coupling self-priming design for TCZGF
·Coupling self-priming design for TICZGF
Application: Widely applied to many fields and chemical processes like chemical industry, medicine, oil, water treatment,pulp and metal processing and waste disposal / recycling industry to transfer corrosive, harmful, polluted or pure media.
TICGFseries is considered as:
·Applied to transfer media under difficult operating conditions.
·Can be used to replace pumps be made of precious metal like hastelloy,Monel, TA, etc.
Performance range: Design pressure:1.6Mpa、Flow:2-500m3/h、Head: 12-125m、Power: 1.1-55kw
Applicable temperature: -20~180℃;
The optional accessories: preventive idling running device, monitoring of leakage device, monitoring of temperature device,
Notes: Please indicate during ordering if the proportion of medium is lagger than 1.5mg/cm3. No idling running.

二、Structure drawing:

Part Material Part Material Part Material
1.choma of pump body filled with PTFE and graphite 9.pump cover Ht200 lined F46/PFA 17.bearing box HT200
2.choma of impeller filled with PTFE and graphite 10.gasket of distance sleeve PTFE/fluorubber shaft 2Cr13
3.impeller Ht200 linedF46/PFA 11.inner shield ring filled with PTFE and graphite 19.spacer sleeve of bearing 45#
4.pump body Ht200 lined F46/PFA 12.distance sleeve fluoalloy/F46/PFA 20bearing Gcr15
5.pump shaft 45#stainless steel lined F46/PFA 13.reinforcing sleeve PEEK 21.gland bearing HT200
6.shaft sleeve SSIC 14.inner rotor assembly F46/PFA/permenant magnet 22.lengthended coupling 45#/304
7.gasket of pump body PTFE/Fluorubber 15.outer magnetic assembly HT200/ZG35/AL/permenant magnet 23.base plate HT200
8.bearing of pump cover SSIC 16.bracket HT200/45# 24.motor per client request


三、Performance Curve:

四、Performance data sheet:

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